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Most folks run for cover when it rains. I also run for cover but I find the rain a great opportunity to focus on what people are doing while they are trying to get out of the rain. I think umbrellas add a unique framing perspective to the subjects as well. This particular day it was raining so hard that the rain was coming through the fabric of my umbrella and my gear was getting soaked. (Note to self: buy

Lamplight Photography, Part II

  Each performance used a different lamp and some were much brighter than others. Due to the numerous visits I had time to try different techniques to document the unique light and motion of the event. The Kecak dance is made up of about 50 men sitting around the lamp reciting chants and several women dressed in traditional Balinese princess attire. Inserted into the dance are some evil characters that try to steal the princess bride and a hero that

Mixed Nuts

Tom Van Stone – For most of my adult life, my creative energy has been put into repurposing discarded materials, but somehow my photography had remained mostly traditional.  Trying to have my photographic work more represent this quality, and through the convoluted process of trying to finish my MFA, I ended up printing photographs on fabric, quilting them with old shirts of mine and using these fabrics to upholster old furniture.  This piece, titled “Mixed Nuts” has undergone an artistic


Tony Morella – As a black and white film photographer I always liked how an overcast day lowered the tonal range perfectly, but a good foggy day really makes me smile. It’s like waking up in an old Antonioni movie from the 1960’s. For me, the fog adds a soft beauty to everything around you. As a digital photographer now I can capture and create that look like never before.  

‘Storm made’ Photographs – a sad tale

How sad, these are “storm made’ photographs. How do you store and back up your photographic archives? Something to think about. Read this story about a photographer and the loss of his 40 year archive. We’ll be doing some articles on preservation of images, storage and more in 2014. Here is the link on

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