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February 28 – May 25, 2014- Mujeres Mexicana-Southeast Museum of Photography

If you are in the Daytona Beach Florida area before May 25, stop by and see this great show. This exhibition presents photographs by six of the most prominent female photographers associated with Mexico. These women are distinguished by their unique styles and their commitment to subjects of continuing relevance in Mexico. Other than Tina Modotti, who was born in Italy, and Kathy Vargas, an American of Mexican heritage, the other four women were born in Mexico. The nineteen images

Robert Hirsch, Transformational Imagemaking, Handmade Photography since 1960

Congrats to our contributor and author Robert Hirsch on his newest book Transformational Imagemaking, Handmade Photography since 1960. Robert wrote an article based on his book preface for the first issue of The Handmade Photograph e-zine! Perfect timing! “It is a groundbreaking survey of significant work and ideas by imagemakers who have pushed beyond the boundaries of photography as a window on our material world. These artists represent a diverse group of curious experimentalists who have propelled the medium’s evolution by

The Last Frame

I find it interesting that some of the photo effects that we see today are the very same flaws that would cause sheer disappointment for photographers in the past. I have a few add on plug-ins for Photoshop and find it funny that we are taking extra effort in returning effects such as light leaks, film scratches, dirt, fog, hairs, cross processing and inferior lens quality. These are sometimes very cool to use, however some users may not know their

In Memoriam, William Lee Jolly, 1927-2014

The photography world has lost another important figure: William Lee Jolly, emeritus professor of chemistry at UC Berkeley, whose work helped facilitate the renaissance of inorganic chemistry in the United States during the middle of the 20th century, passed away January 10, 2014, in Richmond, CA. He was 86. Jolly worked exclusively on photographic chemistry after he retired in 1991, working with the “Sabatier effect” and invented spectacular printing techniques such as chromoskedasic solarization and silver mirror printing. He will

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