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Shadow Dance

Every night, the night market in Chinag Rai Thailand has live performances of traditional Thai dance and music. The market is a great place to visit and unwind from the day. Lots of local food and some very nice handmade crafts are in abundance. This was my fourth visit to Chinag Rai and I wanted to photograph the traditional Thai dancers. The lighting was absolutely horrible and it was difficult at best to get a decent available light shot. The

Almost ready!

                                        The launch of the PREVIEW issue of The Handmade Photograph e-Zine is close! We’re just crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s! We’re super excited about the launch. A hearty THANK YOU to everyone who helped along this new adventure! -Wendy

The Black House

Most folks visiting Chiang Rai in northern Thailand will make a stop at the White Temple; however, a lesser-known stop is the Black House. The grounds of The Black House—or as some call it the Black Temple—are the work of artist Thawan Duchanee. The attention to detail in some of the woodcarvings is simply amazing. The works of art include an impressive use of old buffalo horns, huge teak timbers, bones and stonework. There is a mix of some African

Old Stuff

I have always enjoyed browsing through old antique shops to see what oddities I could find. On a recent trip to one of the many water markets, I ran across a time capsule of various items in one of the temples. The array of collectables ranged from a copy of the movie Flipper to an old elephant saddle /chair. I found it interesting that some of the items had made it to the collection, but in time, all things get

April 11-13, 2014- Fifth Annual Photographers’ Retreat, Johnstown, NY

The Fifth Annual Photographers’ Retreat is open to all photographers. The Retreat is held this year in Johnstown NY at the Johnstown Holiday Inn. The Retreat is an opportunity for photographers to meet together over an unstructured weekend to talk, share work, see what others are doing, make new photographs, and in general, “hang out” with people who speak the same language as you. How does it differ from a workshop or conference? There is no agenda, lectures or classroom

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