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Phantoms in the Dirt, Through October 5, 2014 at MoCP, Chicago

The sixteen artists in this exhibition present an array of physical remnants and enigmatic traces, ranging from cryptic objects to the marks of human activity in rugged landscapes. Searching for phantoms in the dirt, so to speak, their works reckon with the facts of matter, the nature of photographic imagery, and the forces (sometimes invisible) that leave their mark on our surroundings. In doing so, they are also considering how the visible and the tangible—or sometimes what our senses can’t apprehend at all—shape our encounters with

Garry Winogrand: Six at Pace/Macgill Gallery through August 22, 2014

Garry  Winogrand: Six, on view through August 22, 2014. Featuring both iconic and lesser known images, the exhibition explores  six main themes of Winogrand’s oeuvre through groupings of six photographs each. From the streets and parks of New York City to Texas rodeos and state fairs, public relations, zoo animals, and women around the world, the 36 photographs on view provide a concise look at the variety of subjects that inspired one of the medium’s most prolific and influential chroniclers

Digital Emulsion Transfer

This is an image made into a digital emulsion transfer product made by I thought it would be fun to show it and share the article I wrote about the product for photo technique Magazine. has just launched large size transfers. You can view a detailed how-to video on this site by clicking HERE.-Wendy Erickson

Untitled (bombé)

Pamela Vander Zwan- It’s 2006, I watch as a looming crisis forms on the horizon of the American Dream.  By 2008 I am standing in “the ashes” of the “financial” apocalypse and its nuclear winter is setting in.  It makes me think about what will stand in for us when we cannot stand in for ourselves?  I want to bear witness to this virtual Armageddon but I must leave room for belief in the Dream. So I go about capturing

The Collection Online: Metropolitan Museum of Art

Announced May 16, 2014, 394,718 records  of public domain work in digital format are now available for download for non-commercial use, including use in scholarly publications in any media…Among the images are thousands of photographs that will be of great interest to photographers. The initiative is called Open Access for Scholarly Content (OASC). This is an excellent teaching tool! Here’s the link: Here is the press release

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