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Arnold Crane, 1932-2014

                                          We are sad to report that photographer Arnold Crane passed away after cardiac surgery on November 22, 2014. From the ‘50s through the ‘90s, Arnold Crane enjoyed unparalleled access to the most famous photographers of our time. He used his camera to capture the giants of 20th century photography—Man Ray, Walker Evans, Ansel Adams, Bill Brandt, Brassai, Edward Steichen

Boy Monk

I spent about four days visiting a remote monastery in in Myanmar. This small village does not see tourists at all and many were curious upon my arrival. The monastery was rather small and only had about six monks. I had met the head monk in another town and he invited me to visit. When I arrived at the monastery, all eyes were on the foreigner. Traveling with the head Monk does have its privileges, but he does always get

Happy Holidays and a Bright 2015!

                                    It’s  been a crazy whirlwind year! Thanks very much for following us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media. I’ll be the first to say that launching a magazine has been a challenging but rewarding experience! My hearty thanks go out to our authors, Designer of the first two issues Carl Jablonski and especially to Roberta Knight and Chris Boswell

Page 56 Returns!

                        I had taken this photo of this young lady outside one of the temples in Mandalay Myanmar about two years prior.The girl had taken a lot of time to add detail to the Than-aka she had applied to her cheeks. I had posted the image to one of my sites and was later asked if I wanted to publish this in photo technique Magazine.  It was published on ‘page

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