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The Stanley, 1978

Randy Juster—In 1978, I was working at the repair reception desk at E. Leitz, Inc., the US importer of Leica cameras. Everyone from Ernst Haas to Lee Friedlander walked through those doors but it was an amateur photographer who gave me my best photo tip. Fred Katz was an engineer who converted old movie theaters into modern multiplexes. While waiting for his camera repair, Fred told me to get over to the Stanley Theater in Jersey City, which had closed

Hoboken Train Station

Brian Lav – It was on a field trip with my Parsons students that I saw the photograph.  However, I wanted the photograph void of people and that would be almost impossible.  The train station was busy twenty-four hours a day 365 days a year.  In February 1977 an historic blizzard put New Jersey in a state of emergency.  Only emergency vehicles were allowed on the road and no trains, buses or planes were moving.  I knew if I could make

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