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Pool at Night

I made this photograph on vacation a week ago in Varadero Beach, Cuba. Walking back to our room I was struck by how peaceful and surreal the swimming pool looked on a still, dark night.  I included the empty lounge chairs in the foreground to add to the sense of emptiness and stillness. This was shot with a Sony a6000 body, using a 10mm Samyang lens. Exposure time was 65 seconds at f/8. RAW conversion and black and white conversion

Airplane Wing

  I just took this photo last week with my new iPhone 6 cell phone, I had a window seat opposite the wing on an afternoon flight from Nashville to New York and noticed what I thought was the interesting deep shadow covering the near part of the wing, I shot through the window (obviously) and in the square format of the camera and converted to black and white. I then downloaded the image and in Photoshop added a curve

Clouds and Mountains

Rain squalls over the Blue Mesa Reservoir, taken from the side of the road in central Colorado between Montrose and Gunnison on U.S. 50. The original was taken in color and converted to monochrome in Lightroom using the Silver Efex Pro add-on. This image is currently part of a lobby display at the O.W. Link Museum in Roanoke Virginia. Details: EOS 5D m III, 24mm @ f/11, 1/350, hand-held. —Bob Schwabik

Seine At Night – 2014

Paris is one of my favorite cities, to visit and of course to photograph. There’s a certain magic about the city, especially at night. While walking along the Seine with my camera at my side, it occurred to me that showing the city as it might have looked many years ago would be a way to honor it. I used a 16 megapixel mirrorless camera, in 30 degree December weather, without the help of a tripod. I was hoping to

The Fountain

I often find art, near art. On a recent visit to the Maryhill Art Museum, in Washington, I found myself more interested in what was outside rather than what was inside. Bent trees, oddly shaped bark, soft mounds of hills, a rusted pipe bent in two places, and this water fountain all drew my eyes. Many different ideas appear in this fountain. I like the way this fountain stands like a tree with outstretched branches. Looking again, the symmetry of

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