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The Shack Up Inn – Cort Anderson

                                                A couple of times a year I make the trip from Kansas down to Mississippi to spend a few days with friend Lowry Wilson documenting the Delta. It is an area rich in history with a unique culture all its own. Usually we start in Clarksdale at The Shack Up Inn. This is a collection of sharecroppers

Darkroom Papers and Printing: A Beginner’s Guide – Dave Butcher

Introduction The key to good black and white printing is control of the contrast. To make it easy to follow, numbers have been assigned to contrast levels and these are referred to as grades. The scale can vary between manufacturers but typically the contrast range is numbered between grades 0 and 5. Normal contrast is around grade 2 or 3, low contrast is 0 and high contrast is 5. As the grade number increases so does the contrast. The papers

Moving Forward- A Note from Wendy

The Handmade Photograph came about as a wild idea, an e-zine and website for photographers, educators and artists who make or want to learn about silver gelatin photographic prints, historic process prints, pinhole photographs, hand-coated inkjet prints, hand-colored photographs and prints on metal. Why not explore image capture and output with a friendly group of photographers and writers contributing excellent content? A ‘no fluff’ approach to making photographs. With two successful printed issues published in 2014, I’m currently re-evaluating how

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