The Handmade Photograph came about as a wild idea, an e-zine and website for photographers, educators and artists who make or want to learn about silver gelatin photographic prints, historic process prints, pinhole photographs, hand-coated inkjet prints, hand-colored photographs and prints on metal. Why not explore image capture and output with a friendly group of photographers and writers contributing excellent content? A ‘no fluff’ approach to making photographs.

With two successful printed issues published in 2014, I’m currently re-evaluating how I can bring excellent content to fans of handmade photography. This is a tiny niche market of hybrid and 21st Century imaging in a sea of publications and a universe filled with online and print magazines. For The Handmade Photograph to get this far, everyone has volunteered their time and effort: writers, photographers, designers, proofreaders, correspondents—as a tiny blip on the radar of most photographic manufacturers, (e.g. no support in the way of advertising) and a very small circulation list, this means we have to re-think the model and plan the next move to become profitable so we can pay our dedicated contributors in the future.

The good news is that the word is out about The Handmade Photograph, our Facebook ‘Likes” and website followers are growing every day, and we are not giving up!

In the meantime all content from our contributors will be online only, and not in magazine or downloadable format, and we will not be publishing to a specific schedule. Please ‘Like’ and check our Facebook page for updates.

Thanks for your continued support, The Handmade Photograph is just taking a step back so we can move forward in the future.

-Wendy Erickson


Wendy Erickson,  wendy-at-thehandmadephotograph.com (substitute @ sign)