Bagan, Myanmar

Monks and dog, photo © Chris Boswell, 2014

Monks and dog, photo © Chris Boswell, 2014

This was my third trip to Bagan, Myanmar.  Bagan offers so much for a photographer and has never disappointed me for overall images. I have spent a few morning and evenings waiting on sunrises or sunsets that didn’t work out, but the rest of the days have always been fruitful.  This trip was in off-season and the temps were 100F every day and shooting was tough if you did not have shade.

This shot was taken knowing that the monks would pass by this spot. I had seen these two young monks earlier and waited for the right shot. The dog was a bonus— he ran up at the last second. All they need is a fishing pole and you would have Mayberry (The Andy Griffith show for the younger crowd who might not know it) only in Burma.

I will head back in a few weeks to focus on some specific shots.


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