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Making an Origami Crane Mobile with Awagami Inkjet Paper- Jacqueline (JQ) Gaines

Like most children in the western world, I learned about the art of paper folding (Origami) from making the famous “Fortune Teller” on the school playground. I clearly remember spending most of my recess time folding these and then running after my friends asking them if they wanted their fortune told. Nothing could be more fun for an 8 year old than having the ability to predict the future! My friends and I would seize every possible minute to ask

Textures with onOne Software — Steve Dreyer

Photography provides an expressive way to share passion and interest in the people, places and everyday scenes and objects experienced on a daily basis. For the fine art photographer it is that passion that drives and oftentimes motivates us to experiment with a variety of techniques – whether they are done with film, digital in-camera or in post-processing. Comments from visitors to my recent gallery exhibits in Cold Spring, New York and in New York City provided some insight into

The Weston Way — Jeffery Jay Luhn

The Weston home sits on the end of a dirt road under a sky that can’t make up its mind whether to drizzle or shine. The weathered siding, the ancient trees, and the shafts of light—it looks like an Edward Weston photo because it is. In a community known for its ostentatious mansions of high tech barons, the Weston’s collection of simple redwood buildings says a lot about four generations of unchanging analog life. Greeted by a smiling Gina Weston,

Tiny Photographic Images: The wet-plate collodion jewelry of Angie Pember Brockey—Bree Lamb

Angie Pember Brockey creates beautiful, detailed and delicate pieces of art that combine the highly skilled processes of wet-plate collodion and jewelry making. Her tiny photographic images evoke a sense of mystery and wonder, and the final pendants demonstrate unique unions between subject matter and setting. The small scale of the work encourages the viewer to look closely, and in doing so the attention with which each piece is created becomes incredibly evident.All jewelry pictured here was designed by Angie

Interview with Les Cookson: Maker of Historic Optic Devices—Robert Hirsch

  Robert Hirsch: How would you describe yourself? Les Cookson: I’m a self-taught artist and inventor. I’ve been drawing, painting, and doing woodworking since I was a small child. Now I’ve turned that passion into a job recreating devices that assist others in their creative process. RH: How did you get involved with optical devices? LC: It started with the camera lucida. I first learned about the camera lucida while taking a college painting class at American River College in

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