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Robert Hirsch, Transformational Imagemaking, Handmade Photography since 1960

Congrats to our contributor and author Robert Hirsch on his newest book Transformational Imagemaking, Handmade Photography since 1960. Robert wrote an article based on his book preface for the first issue of The Handmade Photograph e-zine! Perfect timing! “It is a groundbreaking survey of significant work and ideas by imagemakers who have pushed beyond the boundaries of photography as a window on our material world. These artists represent a diverse group of curious experimentalists who have propelled the medium’s evolution by

New Book: INVENTING REALITY from Luna Press

    Just out from Luna Press, a new book called Inventing Reality: New Orleans Visionary Photography. This will be of interest to makers of handmade photographs. Work includes that of 23 photographers and techniques include wet-plate collodions, orotones, photogravures, x-rays, and silver gelatin, to modern digital processes. Preview the entire book online by clicking the book cover or click HERE.