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Tiny Photographic Images: The wet-plate collodion jewelry of Angie Pember Brockey—Bree Lamb

Angie Pember Brockey creates beautiful, detailed and delicate pieces of art that combine the highly skilled processes of wet-plate collodion and jewelry making. Her tiny photographic images evoke a sense of mystery and wonder, and the final pendants demonstrate unique unions between subject matter and setting. The small scale of the work encourages the viewer to look closely, and in doing so the attention with which each piece is created becomes incredibly evident.All jewelry pictured here was designed by Angie

2015 Eastman House Workshops

George Eastman House just announced their 2015 line up of workshops- This is a great way to learn historic photographic processes. No prior experience is necessary for most of the workshops. They are suitable for artists, photographers, students, teachers, and anyone interested in using these rare 19th century processes in the 21st century.  For more info visit:

F295 Symposium: “Photography Beyond Technique” May 29-June 1, 2014

The 2014 F295 Symposium: Photography Beyond Technique was just announced. It takes place in Pittsburgh, PA May 29-June 1,2014. If you are new to handmade photographs or want to learn more, join this energetic and eclectic group of imagemakers! Visit the F295 Site for more information on the symposium, lodging and more. F295 SYMPOSIUM 2014