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Page 56 Returns!

                        I had taken this photo of this young lady outside one of the temples in Mandalay Myanmar about two years prior.The girl had taken a lot of time to add detail to the Than-aka she had applied to her cheeks. I had posted the image to one of my sites and was later asked if I wanted to publish this in photo technique Magazine.  It was published on ‘page

It’s A Dog’s Life

  I made a trip to a small village in Myanmar that was about 50 or so miles from the Bangladesh border. This village does not get many visitors let alone a tourist with a camera. The village does not have running water or power for the 40 or so inhabitants. As you can imagine, life there is pretty simple. As I was having a cup of hot tea, I spied a dog that was seemingly nervous when the children

Crooked House

This shot was taken just outside of Yangon Myanmar. I was on my way to arrange a bus ride and stumbled upon this great find. How odd to see this old home leaning over in the midst of a busy city. The moment I rounded the corner and saw the house I wanted to explore. The two ladies were trying to get out of the way but I wanted them to be in the shot. I pulled the camera out

Bagan, Myanmar

This was my third trip to Bagan, Myanmar.  Bagan offers so much for a photographer and has never disappointed me for overall images. I have spent a few morning and evenings waiting on sunrises or sunsets that didn’t work out, but the rest of the days have always been fruitful.  This trip was in off-season and the temps were 100F every day and shooting was tough if you did not have shade. This shot was taken knowing that the monks

Shadow Dance

Every night, the night market in Chinag Rai Thailand has live performances of traditional Thai dance and music. The market is a great place to visit and unwind from the day. Lots of local food and some very nice handmade crafts are in abundance. This was my fourth visit to Chinag Rai and I wanted to photograph the traditional Thai dancers. The lighting was absolutely horrible and it was difficult at best to get a decent available light shot. The

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