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The Black House

Most folks visiting Chiang Rai in northern Thailand will make a stop at the White Temple; however, a lesser-known stop is the Black House. The grounds of The Black House—or as some call it the Black Temple—are the work of artist Thawan Duchanee. The attention to detail in some of the woodcarvings is simply amazing. The works of art include an impressive use of old buffalo horns, huge teak timbers, bones and stonework. There is a mix of some African

Old Stuff

I have always enjoyed browsing through old antique shops to see what oddities I could find. On a recent trip to one of the many water markets, I ran across a time capsule of various items in one of the temples. The array of collectables ranged from a copy of the movie Flipper to an old elephant saddle /chair. I found it interesting that some of the items had made it to the collection, but in time, all things get

The Last Frame

I find it interesting that some of the photo effects that we see today are the very same flaws that would cause sheer disappointment for photographers in the past. I have a few add on plug-ins for Photoshop and find it funny that we are taking extra effort in returning effects such as light leaks, film scratches, dirt, fog, hairs, cross processing and inferior lens quality. These are sometimes very cool to use, however some users may not know their

Return to the Crooked House

  Three weeks after the first visit, I returned to this old gem of a house. However, now I cannot call this the crooked house anymore. During my three weeks away, the owner tore down the leaning part of the house. I was very glad I had taken the few shots that I did on the first visit. Once again, I met with the owner and he was more than happy to let me in to photograph. I wandered around for

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