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Seine At Night – 2014

Paris is one of my favorite cities, to visit and of course to photograph. There’s a certain magic about the city, especially at night. While walking along the Seine with my camera at my side, it occurred to me that showing the city as it might have looked many years ago would be a way to honor it. I used a 16 megapixel mirrorless camera, in 30 degree December weather, without the help of a tripod. I was hoping to

The Fountain

I often find art, near art. On a recent visit to the Maryhill Art Museum, in Washington, I found myself more interested in what was outside rather than what was inside. Bent trees, oddly shaped bark, soft mounds of hills, a rusted pipe bent in two places, and this water fountain all drew my eyes. Many different ideas appear in this fountain. I like the way this fountain stands like a tree with outstretched branches. Looking again, the symmetry of

Boy Monk

I spent about four days visiting a remote monastery in in Myanmar. This small village does not see tourists at all and many were curious upon my arrival. The monastery was rather small and only had about six monks. I had met the head monk in another town and he invited me to visit. When I arrived at the monastery, all eyes were on the foreigner. Traveling with the head Monk does have its privileges, but he does always get

The Stanley, 1978

Randy Juster—In 1978, I was working at the repair reception desk at E. Leitz, Inc., the US importer of Leica cameras. Everyone from Ernst Haas to Lee Friedlander walked through those doors but it was an amateur photographer who gave me my best photo tip. Fred Katz was an engineer who converted old movie theaters into modern multiplexes. While waiting for his camera repair, Fred told me to get over to the Stanley Theater in Jersey City, which had closed

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