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Making an Origami Crane Mobile with Awagami Inkjet Paper- Jacqueline (JQ) Gaines

Like most children in the western world, I learned about the art of paper folding (Origami) from making the famous “Fortune Teller” on the school playground. I clearly remember spending most of my recess time folding these and then running after my friends asking them if they wanted their fortune told. Nothing could be more fun for an 8 year old than having the ability to predict the future! My friends and I would seize every possible minute to ask

Make a Vintage-look Valentine

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? Here’s a quick and crafty idea to make vintage-look Valentine’s Day cards using your own photographs and Alien Skin AltPhoto available FREE in the App store! You’ll need an inkjet printer and a few sheets of fine art inkjet paper to print them out, or you can upload them to a print provider, such as a local print shop or retailer with an in-house photo department. Add a few art supplies such as paint,

Return to the Crooked House

  Three weeks after the first visit, I returned to this old gem of a house. However, now I cannot call this the crooked house anymore. During my three weeks away, the owner tore down the leaning part of the house. I was very glad I had taken the few shots that I did on the first visit. Once again, I met with the owner and he was more than happy to let me in to photograph. I wandered around for


Tony Morella – As a black and white film photographer I always liked how an overcast day lowered the tonal range perfectly, but a good foggy day really makes me smile. It’s like waking up in an old Antonioni movie from the 1960’s. For me, the fog adds a soft beauty to everything around you. As a digital photographer now I can capture and create that look like never before.  

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