Crooked House

Crooked House, Yangon Myanmar, Photograph © Chris Boswell

Crooked House, Yangon Myanmar, Photograph © Chris Boswell

This shot was taken just outside of Yangon Myanmar. I was on my way to arrange a bus ride and stumbled upon this great find. How odd to see this old home leaning over in the midst of a busy city. The moment I rounded the corner and saw the house I wanted to explore. The two ladies were trying to get out of the way but I wanted them to be in the shot. I pulled the camera out of my bag and pointed it in the general direction and click. I wanted to explore and thought to myself “I will come back and get another shot.”

I ended up meeting the current owner (so he claimed) and spent a very hot morning taking various photographs. Since I was coming back in a few weeks, I ended my visit early and had planned to come back and frame up another subject by the house. I did indeed return a few weeks later only to find that the owner had torn it down! In the next submission I will post some of the interior shots and some really cool shots from the outside. I love to photograph old buildings and this was a great opportunity to explore this old piece of history.



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