FREE ONLINE LIVE CLASS – Create Powerful Photo Essays & Personal Projects- JUNE 30-JULY 2, 2014


Yelahanka, Karnataka, India, Photograph © David H. Wells

Yelahanka, Karnataka, India, Photograph © David H. Wells

Our contributing writer David H.Wells is teaching a FREE LIVE three day course June 30-Jul 2. “Create a Captivating Photo Essay”

Join David Wells to learn how to create a captivating photo essay from start to finish.

This course shatters the myth that photo essays are only for photojournalists; you’ll learn how all photographers can use photo essays to tell the story of any subject, in any style. You’ll learn how to present your unique point of view and communicate a coherent aesthetic through a compelling photographic essay. You’ll build strategies for tackling the complex task of assembling, editing and presenting a large photo project that speaks to its viewers. You’ll also learn about the techniques that are essential for keeping yourself inspired and organized while maintaining an effective workflow.