It’s A Dog’s Life

Painted dog, © Chris Boswell, 2014

Painted dog, © Chris Boswell, 2014


I made a trip to a small village in Myanmar that was about 50 or so miles from the Bangladesh border. This village does not get many visitors let alone a tourist with a camera. The village does not have running water or power for the 40 or so inhabitants.

As you can imagine, life there is pretty simple.

As I was having a cup of hot tea, I spied a dog that was seemingly nervous when the children tried to approach him. When the dog sat down it was pretty clear that the kids had been having some fun with the dog. It appeared that they covered him with soot from the bottom of a cook pan. I found this rather humorous since it was not derived from watching cartoons on TV.  I guess every kid needs a canine bandit or super hero. When one of the older villagers called on the two kids with black hands as to their involvement… they froze, pondered for a moment, looked at each other and then ran off. Some things just don’t need translating.