Lamplight Photography, Part II


Photograph © Chris Boswell

Photograph © Chris Boswell, 2014

Each performance used a different lamp and some were much brighter than others. Due to the numerous visits I had time to try different techniques to document the unique light

and motion of the event. The Kecak dance is made up of about 50 men sitting around the lamp reciting chants and several women dressed in traditional Balinese princess attire. Inserted into the dance are some evil characters that try to steal the princess bride and a hero that steps in and saves the day. One of the events was cut short when the wind blew out ALL the lamps in the first five minutes and they did not stop to re-light them. During another event I lost half of the lamps due to wind but managed to get a few shots. I would consider returning to photograph this event to work on different techniques.

In the first image I wanted to show the oil lamps framed by the members of the chant group.


Photograph © Chris Boswell 2014

The second image was more of an art approach, playing off of the light, motion and the ritualistic feel of the event.