Old Stuff

Boswell_OldTypeI have always enjoyed browsing through old antique shops to see what oddities I could find. On a recent trip to one of the many water markets, I ran across a time capsule of various items in one of the temples. The array of collectables ranged from a copy of the movie Flipper to an old elephant saddle /chair. I found it interesting that some of the items had made it to the collection, but in time, all things get old.

For some reason, I was particularly drawn to an old typewriter. I have seen plenty of old Underwood models but had not run across this brand. I thought the uniqueness of the Thai keys would make a decent shot.  I try to envision the end result as a processed image and with all the filters and effects playing in my head; I have to stop and reboot the system now and again! The image was processed using NIK software.