Page 56 Returns!

Page 56 © Chris Boswell, 2014

Page 56 © Chris Boswell, 2014













I had taken this photo of this young lady outside one of the temples in Mandalay Myanmar about two years prior.The girl had taken a lot of time to add detail to the Than-aka she had applied to her cheeks. I had posted the image to one of my sites and was later asked if I wanted to publish this in photo technique Magazine.  It was published on ‘page 56’ the end page of the magazine. Once I received my copies of the magazine, I thought if I ever returned, I would bring the girl the copies.

And about two years later I returned. I actually carried the magazine for several months and two return visits until I found her. The young girl was surprised to see that someone had actually returned to give her a photo. This was the first time she had seen her picture in a magazine and somewhat puzzled why I would come all this way.

I was hoping that she would arrive with another fine detailed Than-aka, but as you can see, now a Mother, the young child took precedence that day. As photographers, we sometimes take but not always do we give back. I was happy to locate her and bring her a copy of the photograph.