Seine At Night – 2014

Seine At Night, ©Steve Dreyer, 2014

Seine At Night, ©Steve Dreyer, 2014

Paris is one of my favorite cities, to visit and of course to photograph. There’s a certain magic about the city, especially at night.

While walking along the Seine with my camera at my side, it occurred to me that showing the city as it might have looked many years ago would be a way to honor it. I used a 16 megapixel mirrorless camera, in 30 degree December weather, without the help of a tripod. I was hoping to capture even one image that I could work on when I returned home that would express that special feeling.

I imported the images into Lightroom (as I usually do) and selected several that I thought might work. I generally do a few minor edits in Lightroom on a raw file to prepare a photo for the next finishing touch steps. I wanted a square format, an “old style” border, toning, and extra grain to achieve my vision at the time of capture.

The finishing steps included the use of onOne Software’s Perfect Photo Suite, as it includes great presets, borders and textures to create the look I was going for.

The image entitled “Seine At Night” was the result. Additional images from the series are on my website at