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The Weston Way — Jeffery Jay Luhn

The Weston home sits on the end of a dirt road under a sky that can’t make up its mind whether to drizzle or shine. The weathered siding, the ancient trees, and the shafts of light—it looks like an Edward Weston photo because it is. In a community known for its ostentatious mansions of high tech barons, the Weston’s collection of simple redwood buildings says a lot about four generations of unchanging analog life. Greeted by a smiling Gina Weston,

Darkroom Papers and Printing: A Beginner’s Guide – Dave Butcher

Introduction The key to good black and white printing is control of the contrast. To make it easy to follow, numbers have been assigned to contrast levels and these are referred to as grades. The scale can vary between manufacturers but typically the contrast range is numbered between grades 0 and 5. Normal contrast is around grade 2 or 3, low contrast is 0 and high contrast is 5. As the grade number increases so does the contrast. The papers