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Textures with onOne Software — Steve Dreyer

Photography provides an expressive way to share passion and interest in the people, places and everyday scenes and objects experienced on a daily basis. For the fine art photographer it is that passion that drives and oftentimes motivates us to experiment with a variety of techniques – whether they are done with film, digital in-camera or in post-processing. Comments from visitors to my recent gallery exhibits in Cold Spring, New York and in New York City provided some insight into

Looking, Seeing and Imagining

Steve Dreyer- I admit that I don’t throw anything out, including images I’ve taken and made years ago.  Why?  I find that my view of things can change over time.  Some of my images are in my film library and can be scanned, and others are digital.  That aside, what is more important is what you can sometimes see and imagine when you take another look at those older images. These two images are examples.  A while back I was