THANKS for the ‘Likes’

THP_FBMy sincere thanks to you for our growing Facebook ‘likes.’ With writers, contributors and even our designer donating time to get this adventure off the ground, it is through social media that we will get the word out and grow the site and the magazine.  Everyone working with the site and magazine is devoted to photography, both capture and output.

Everyday I read or hear more about the concept of ‘handmade photography’ so I know we are on the right track with The Handmade Photograph. We are getting a lot of interest from photographers interested in historic processes, as well as folks who want to hand color inkjet prints and silver halide prints, and make prints on fabric. There are so many ways to get an image on a substrate!  So you’ll see a mix of articles in the magazine incorporating all of those techniques, and more.

I look forward to hearing from you, and hearing what you want to learn more about in the photographic world.