The Black House

Boswell_BlackHousewebMost folks visiting Chiang Rai in northern Thailand will make a stop at the White Temple; however, a lesser-known stop is the Black House. The grounds of The Black House—or as some call it the Black Temple—are the work of artist Thawan Duchanee. The attention to detail in some of the woodcarvings is simply amazing.

The works of art include an impressive use of old buffalo horns, huge teak timbers, bones and stonework. There is a mix of some African art themes as well.  This is not your ordinary temple that you see in Thailand nor seems to be used as such. Many of the works of art seem ritualistic and if there were a sect of monks with a “dark side” this would be their hang out. You kind of get the feeling that if you were to sneak in at night; you would encounter the Thai version of the Illuminati from Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code.