The Last Frame

Last Frame, © Chris Boswell, 2014

Last Frame, © Chris Boswell, 2014

I find it interesting that some of the photo effects that we see today are the very same flaws that would cause sheer disappointment for photographers in the past. I have a few add on plug-ins for Photoshop and find it funny that we are taking extra effort in returning effects such as light leaks, film scratches, dirt, fog, hairs, cross processing and inferior lens quality. These are sometimes very cool to use, however some users may not know their origins.

With the onset of digital photography and the heavy use of photo apps to alter images, I wanted to create the effect of the last frame we used to get when we shot film. There are some people out there that have missed that whole process of snipping off the frames that did not make it and cringing when these flaws would show up.  Most photographers with a creative side knew how to use these flaws to their advantage but on occasion when they did not need them… they would show up.

I picked an image at random that I shot in Bali and added light leaks, dirty sprockets, cross processing, scratches and some lens distortion. A combination of OnOne Software and Adobe Photoshop were used.  I left out the lab tag and half frame since some may not get the point.