The Shack Up Inn – Cort Anderson

Bra-Purse Photograph © Cort Anderson

Bra-Purse Photograph © Cort Anderson

























A couple of times a year I make the trip from Kansas down to Mississippi to spend a few days with friend Lowry Wilson documenting the Delta. It is an area rich in history with a unique culture all its own.

Usually we start in Clarksdale at The Shack Up Inn. This is a collection of sharecroppers shacks clustered around an old cotton gin that is now home to a restaurant, bar with a stage and a few hotel style rooms. The shacks are all decorated with whatever the owners had handy at the time.

Last year I arrived the night before Lowry and spent the evening exploring the Legends shack with my camera. I found this purse on the bottom of a set of old corner shelves in the back bedroom.


Cort Anderson studied photojournalism at Kansas State University and went on to work for newspapers and a wire service. Cort is the owner of Oypx, LLC, providing graphics software and digital black and white training for photographers. He uses a dedicated B&W ink set developed by Jon Cone (a custom set of K7 Piezography inks) with an Epson 4900. He frequents the two-lane country roads and highways in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, the Mississippi Delta and Route 66 searching for what is often unseen, the components that make a great photograph.