Tulmoon – SHELTERS – Deadline Feb 1,2014

A new venture, Tulmoon’s publication will focus on ‘outdoor-based’ photography, design, paint, print, short story, poetry, non-fiction and all that can be condensed into the pages of a book. Here is information about this project:

SHELTERS: Whether it’s homemade, nature-made, diagrams, ideas and plans for a potential, photographs/paintings of your own, in the woods, in the city, underground, above ground, for humans, for beavers, about, concerning around, apparently about, blatantly about, or simply three sticks leaning against a down tree to create a shelter, lets see it. Submissions are only considered it they are somehow related to the topic. If it is questionably ‘about’ the topic, convince us. As a collective, we all have the opportunity to be apart of the publication; all you have to do is submit. Why wouldn’t you want published work? You submit, we curate, and then publish the results into a small book that you can take with everywhere you go. For more information, contact Blake Weld, Minneapolis, MN.